The Arrival of Iniala Modern

Situated just a few doors down from the hotel, the exquisite INIALA MODERN building houses our latest addition of 5 independent and palatial suites. While the building offers its own private entrance and exclusivity from The House – the experience within remains in-keeping with the luxurious design and impeccable standards of service that Iniala provides.

The embodiment of luxury urban living – the suites are designed to accommodate for longer stays, with fully equipped kitchens and spacious rooms offering all the comforts and amenities for an unforgettable experience. Each suite boast both showers and bathrooms that overlook the historical and enchanting Grand Harbour. Custom interiors and contemporary furnishings complement the splendour of the natural surroundings. The deluxe penthouse suite, spread over two floors, offers not only panoramic views but a spacious outdoor area and private rooftop pool – both rare luxuries in the city.

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