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I. The Concept

Art, design, gastronomy, service and philanthropy

Iniala Harbour House is part of the Iniala Group – a cluster of companies focused on delivering the highest level of quality and luxury across hospitality, development and philanthropy. Iniala was born out of Founder Mark Weingard’s passion for exquisite art, innovative design and outstanding food, as well as his relentless pursuit of extraordinary service, collectively bound by a desire to always give back to society. By incorporating an exceptional standard of each of these elements, Iniala Harbour House has brought an unprecedented level of luxury and experiential travel to the island.


Giving back to the community

Since its inception, philanthropy has been at the very heart of Iniala Group. A percentage of our profits are donated towards Inspirasia Foundation, Iniala Group’s grant-making foundation that is dedicated to funding and supporting exceptional non-profit initiatives, while inspiring others to give and give well. Since its start in 2003, Inspirasia Foundation has donated over €10 million to non-profit initiatives which have helped hundreds of thousands of people, including marginalised communities and people with disabilities. By staying at Iniala Harbour House, you are contributing towards this positive impact.  

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The epitome of luxury

Elegant in style, exclusive in location and exceptional in service, Iniala Harbour House promises an unparalleled and unforgettable stay within the UNESCO World Heritage city of Valletta.

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