The Iniala Story

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Iniala Harbour House is part of Iniala Group — a cluster of companies that spans hospitality, development and philanthropy. Founder and visionary Mark Weingard has created the world of Iniala, imbued with a distinct sense of style, quality, and extraordinary service. Adventurous gastronomy, sought-after art pieces, state of the art rooms, all blend to provide our signature Iniala experience, collectively bound by a desire to always give back to society. By incorporating an exceptional standard of each of these elements, Iniala Harbour House has brought an unprecedented level of luxury and experiential travel to the island.


Showcasing local talent

With his love for art, and the importance he gave to involving and supporting the local community along his journey, it was always the vision of founder, Mark Weingard, to use the walls and spaces of Iniala Harbour House to showcase local talent in every suitable way. His vision and the Iniala art collection truly came to life during the COVID-19 pandemic, when the hotel made an open call to the local art community with the intention to provide work and support during such desperate times.

The result is a beautifully curated space, adorned with a variety of pieces from renowned and up-and-coming Maltese and Gozitan artists, that flow seamlessly throughout the buildings, adding distinct character to each room. With Darren Tanti’s interpretation of the famous frescoes found on the magnificent ceiling of St. John’s Cathedral, to Victor Agius’ mixed-media paintings inspired by the Gozitan landscape, and eclectic installations like Aaron Bezzina’s bronze cast prickly-pear leaves – Iniala is as much a gallery of fine art as it is a world-class hotel.


To view or purchase any of our art, please contact The Bureau


Giving back to the community

Philanthropy is at the heart of Iniala Group. A percentage of our profits are donated towards Inspirasia Foundation, Iniala Group’s grant-making foundation, dedicated to funding and supporting exceptional non-profit initiatives while inspiring others to give and give well. Since 2003, Inspirasia Foundation has donated over €10 million to non-profit initiatives that support marginalised communities and the disability sector. Your stay with us at Iniala Harbour House contributes to this positive impact.

Inspirasia Foundation believes in giving more than money. Nonprofits truly benefit from your professional expertise as much as, or more than, any funding. Join our platform, the Academy of Givers so together we can improve philanthropic and corporate responsibility efforts. For more information or to partner up, email or visit us in person.
Inspirasia Foundation is a registered charity in the UK (Inspirasia Foundation UK – 1157564) and Malta (Inspirasia Foundation Malta – VO/1299)