A CERO and Mark Weingard: A Meeting of Minds.

Mark Weingard and ACero Designers Joaquin Torres and Rafael Llamazres have been working together for over ten years, with their first project set in Thailand, designing Villa Bianca for Iniala Beach House located at Natai beach, 25 minutes north of Phuket.

Iniala Modern, one of the latest joint design ventures, was originally a 17th-century townhouse which has been transformed into a modern marvel and brought to life where every detail reflects the harmonious fusions of contemporary aesthetics and timeless elegance inspired by Maltese limestone.

The design of Iniala Modern was born out of a shared passion for pushing boundaries and redefining luxury. Mark Weingard’s vision for Iniala Modern is to reflect the sophisticated traveller’s desires – a space that seamlessly marries modernity with the rich history and character of Valletta. The vision as stated by Rafael Llamazares was to keep all the natural parts of the building whilst  presenting it in a functional way – using natural stone products and maintain a soft look within the rooms.

A-Cero have also worked on the Presidential Grand Residence at Iniala Harbour House & Residences which has acclaimed that ‘WOW factor’ for its unique walls and ceilings adorned with Maltese limestone along with its unique modern and sleek design.