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I. Iniala Harbour House

Experience the epitome of luxury

Located on St Barbara Bastion overlooking the spectacular Grand Harbour, Iniala Harbour House has brought an unprecedented level of luxury and experiential travel to the Maltese Islands. The hotel offers 23 uniquely designed rooms and suites, outstanding facilities, world-class cuisine and a dedicated team that are always at hand to ensure your wishes are fulfilled and your expectations are far exceeded.


Elegant in style, exclusive in location and exceptional in service, Iniala Harbour House promises an unparalleled and unforgettable stay within the UNESCO World Heritage city of Valletta.


Elegant, eclectic and extraordinary

Spread over four exquisite Maltese houses and their ancient vaults below, Iniala Harbour House marries history with innovation to offer an eclectic mix of design concepts that subtlety reflect Valletta’s unique heritage and charm.


From elegant rooms with charming views to elaborate suites with private plunge pools, the hotel features a variety of unique rooms and suites, each thoughtfully designed to provide an exceptional level of both luxury and comfort.










III. ION - The Harbour, Our Stunning Rooftop Restaurant

A Michelin Star dining experience

Indulge in outstanding cuisine surrounded by world-class design and unrivalled views of the Grand Harbour. Situated on our stunning rooftop, ION – The Harbour offers an award-winning dining experience that ventures beyond the usual boundaries of fine dining. Within less than six months of opening, ION – The Harbour was awarded the prestigious Michelin Star.

From the ambience to the service, the food to the wine pairing, everything has been seamlessly integrated to provide an elevated dining experience. ION – The Harbour’s unique produce-driven cuisine ensures that each dish highlights the freshness of the ingredients in it – enhancing each of the flavours and enriching the experience.

IV. Services & Facilities

Utmost indulgence and relaxation


Indulge and pamper your body and soul at Iniala, from fitness to relaxation – we have you covered. Our facilities, which are open 24-7 for you to enjoy, include an exclusive lounge bar and state-of-the-art gym, together with a spa and heated pool which will open later this year in our ancient vaults for a truly magical experience.

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